FlameRanger Autonomous Firefighting Robot

FlameRanger: the world's most sophisticated, fully-autonomous firefighting robot.

Introducing The World's Most Advanced Robotic Nozzles

FLAMERANGER - Fully Automatic Fire Detection & Extinguishing System

FlameRanger is a revolutionary, a High Flow Automatic Fire Detection & Extinguishing System designed and sold by Unifire AB of Sweden.

The FlameRanger combines advanced flame detectors with Unifire’s Force™ robotic nozzle technologies.

The system detects, locates and tracks fires in real time and in three-dimensional space.

Without any human intervention required, the system aims the robotic nozzles at the fire (or fires) with great accuracy and suppresses it with a large volume of water (or foam), directly on the fire, within seconds of detection, until extinguished.

Unifire’s FlameRanger is ushering in a whole new era of advanced firefighting technology.


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