Unifire is the World Leader in
Autonomous Robotic Fire Suppression Systems for Waste to Energy & Recycling Plant Facilities

Waste to Energy and Recycling facilities regularly experience fires. When not immediately detected and extinguished, these fires often result in catastrophic loss, including personal injury and even death, as well as devastating damage to the facilities and the environment.

The key to avoiding such losses is

  1. rapid and reliable detection of fire or heat build-up; and
  2. immediate fire suppression with a high volume of water or foam directly on and around the fire.

To meet this challenge, Unifire has developed FlameRanger™ autonomous robotic fire suppression systems.

FlameRanger systems combine state-of-the-art fire detection technologies with Unifire’s cutting-edge electronic hardware and software, which guide our advanced robotic nozzles (aka remote control fire monitors) to aim a high volume of water or foam at and around the fire.

Typically, FlameRanger begins suppressing the fire in under 15 seconds from a fire’s ignition (or heat alarm when combined with thermal imaging cameras).

When fire is no longer detected, the system automatically shuts off the water (or foam) supply, and goes into standby mode, ready to react again should any new fire be detected.

FlameRanger has been developed exclusively by Unifire and is totally unique on the market. It is proven both in numerous in-house and third-party tests as well as in installations in waste and recycling and other industrial facilities spanning 4 continents.

We work with a variety of proven third-party fire detection technologies, including 3IR flame detectors, thermal imaging cameras, video analytics and hybrid video analytics / thermal imaging detectors.

Unifire’s systems are cost-effective and are the most advanced and effective systems available on the market.

Our systems can also be operated by remote control from anywhere in the world, allowing human activation and control whenever desired.

Contact Unifire today to learn how our FlameRanger™ systems can protect your facilities 24/7/365.

Plastic Recycling Facilities

Unifire's FlameRanger and HeatRanger autonomous fire detection and suppression systems are designed to detect heat build-ups and/or flames and suppress the fire fully automatically, and directly onto the fire's source, within seconds of an alarm event.

Fire Protection for Waste to Energy Plants & Facilities

Unifire offers highly effective and robust fixed robotic nozzles (fire monitors) and fully autonomous fire detection and suppression systems for the protection of WtE and EfW facilities

Global Reach, Global Support

We serve our clients around the world. We provide installation support and with your permission, we can even log into your system and assist with software setup and controls, troubleshoot, upgrade software and more.

Customer Swing Arms, Doors & More

Unifire creates customized solutions to ensure a seamless fit in your facilities, such as hidden systems with automatically opening doors and swing-out robotic nozzles, extending booms, and more.

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VIDEO: FlameRanger: Fully Automatic Fire Suppression System for Recycling Plants

This video shows an example, for visualization purposes, of how a system is installed in recycling plant and similar large open building interiors to automatically protect them from fire.

VIDEO: FLAMERANGER General Presentation 2021

This is a general presentation of FlameRanger technology and the basic concepts of how Unifire’s autonomous robotic fire suppression systems work. FlameRanger is designed to rapidly detect and suppress fires with a high degree of reliability and accuracy and without any need for human intervention. These systems are ideal for waste-to-energy and recycling facilities as well as numerous other large indoor and outdoor spaces.

VIDEO: Automatic Fire Fighting Foam Cannon for Waste & Recycling

This installation, by Fire Shield Systems (UK), shows Unifire’s Force 50 robotic nozzle in a recycling plant with automatic function with thermal imaging camera.

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This video shows an example installation and design layout of three FlameRanger systems to protect a recycling facility, fully automatically, around the clock. The system autonomously detects fire and suppresses it within seconds of detection with a high volume of water or foam.