We Are a High-Tech Robotic Nozzles Lab, Changing the Way Fluid is Controlled

Our Team

Mattias Eggert
Owner & Managing Director

Björne Sandström
Chairman of the Board

Rickard Gunnargård
Technical Director & Development Engineer

Roger Barrett James, Esq.
General Counsel & Director of International Sales & Marketing

Philip Demming
Senior Technician

Fatos Krasniqi
Sales Manager, Handheld Nozzle Division

Jan Johansson
Senior Advisor

Jeslyn Goh
Regional Sales Manager, Asia

William Eggert
Regional Sales Manager & Key Account Manager

Innovation is our Core

We at Unifire strive each day to improve our technology, our products and the value we bring to our customers and society as a whole.

What we do literally saves lives, brings enormous benefits to industry, and makes people smile incredulously.

We are revolutionizing the industries we serve through innovation and leadership.


For more than 50 years, Unifire has proudly worked with customers around the globe. Here are just some of the many customers we are grateful to have served.


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