Made of the highest quality Stainless Steel 316L, Unifire’s Robotic Nozzles and Monitors were designed from the get-go for the harshest marine and off-shore applications.

That’s why Unifire is trusted by Navies, Super Yacht builders, Commercial Ships, Ro-Ro & Passenger Ships, Sea Rescue Vessels and Coast Guards, and why Unifire was selected as a partner in the EU-funded LASH FIRE research project to improve fire safety on Ro-Ro weather decks.
Our marine and off-shore robotic nozzles and monitors bring you:
  • Stainless Steel 316L Construction (Marine Grade, Acid-Proof)
  • Swedish Design & Ingenuity
  • Brushless (BLDC) Motors for extremely long life and reliability at sea
  • High Performance Fire Fighting Capabilities
  • State-of-the-Art Control Systems for Seamless Ship Integration
  • Progressive Speed Control
  • Fully Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression Capabilities
  • Extreme Accuracy (great than 1/50th of a degree)
  • Dependable Reliability in the Harshest Marine Environments
  • Sea Water Compatible
  • Custom Fit Systems
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Unparallelled Performance

Quality and Performance are at the heart of everything we do at Unifire. For this reason, Unifire's Force robotic nozzles and fire fighting monitors are trusted by some of the world's top chemical and oil tankers, navies, yachts and private boats, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's), and off-shore platforms.

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel 316L

Designed and manufactured for marine environments, Unifire's Force robotic nozzles and fire monitors are made of the highest quality materials on the market and built to last at sea.

Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's)

Unifire's Force stainless steel 316L monitors and water cannons feature state-of-the-art control systems that can be seamlessly integrated with unmanned vessels and can even be controlled from on-shore.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Unifire is a world-renowned brand, known for our Swedish design and quality and the highest performance available anywhere.

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