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Extending Booms
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Unifire offers customized solutions for a wide variety of applications and special requirements.
We quickly engineer and deliver customized systems to our customers’ needs.
If you’re looking for a custom-fit system, Unifire is ready to assist you.
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Robotic Platforms

Unifire's Force robotic nozzles and fire fighting monitors are ideal for use on robotic platforms for remote firefighting in dangerous and explosive scenarios, such as building interiors, fuel storage tanks or other areas which firefighters cannot risk approaching.

Swing Arms for Flush Wall Mounting

Swing Arms allow installation of Unifire's robotic nozzles hidden flush inside a wall, fully protected, and ready to swing out in the event of a fire or required use.

Extending Booms

Our product line includes extending booms for pop-out, drop-down or pop-up systems. Our booms are ideal for installations that require hidden robotic nozzles either for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Automatic Opening Doores

Keep your system out of site and out of filthy environments with our automatic doors for wall-mounted systems with swing arms.

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