Unifire makes the world’s most advanced robotic nozzle systems. Period.

Precise control of high volumes of liquids
for a wide variety of applications and industries

Unifire’s robotic nozzles are for professionals who seek unmatched performance, cutting-edge control capabilities, and Swedish design and quality built to last in the harshest conditions.

Solutions by Industry

Unifire fire fighting remote control monitors and turrets

Fire Fighting

Unifire Water Cannons and turrets for Defense, Riot Control, Anti-Pirate

Defense, Riot Control & Anti-Pirate

… and many others


Solutions by Product Category

Robotic Nozzles,
Water Cannons & Monitors

Unifire Force 80 Robotic Nozzle (remote controlled fire monitor)

Automatic Fire
Fighting Systems

Unifire Automatic Fire Monitors and autonomous fire detection and suppression systems

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