Inspire Wonder with Unifire’s DMX Controlled Robotic Nozzles for Incredible Fountains

We make DMX controlled Robotic Nozzles for fountains that are out of this world.
Our fountain nozzle solutions bring you:
  • Swedish Design & Ingenuity
  • High Velocity Movement
  • DMX Control
  • Stainless Steel 316L Construction (Marine Grade, Acid-Proof)
  • Brushless (BLDC) Motors
  • Progressive Speed
  • Extreme Accuracy (great than 1/50th of a degree)
  • Dependable Reliability
  • Sea Water Compatible
  • Custom Fit Systems
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DMX Control

Our robotic nozzles come with optional DMX control for seamless integration.

High Speed Movement

Full velocity control from imperceptibly slow to lightning quick allows you to create dazzling effects.

Stainless Steel 316 Construction

Whether your fountain is in a lake or even the open ocean, Unifire's nozzles are made to last under the harshest of conditions.

Pure Elegance

Freedom of design and control give you the power to create pure elegance.

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