Mining, dust-control and wash-down applications require the heaviest duty equipment available. Made of the highest quality Stainless Steel 316L, with custom solutions specifically for these industries, Unifire’s Robotic Nozzles and Monitor are the toughest and most reliable on the market.

Our robotic nozzles and monitors are ideal for a wide variety of uses in mining, dust control and wash-down applications, and feature:
  • Stainless Steel 316L Construction (Marine Grade, Acid-Proof)
  • Swedish Design & Ingenuity
  • Brushless (BLDC) Motors for extremely long life, high torque and unmatched reliability
  • High Performance Spray Quality
  • State-of-the-Art Control Systems – Joysticks, Radio Remote, ONE App for iOS/Android, and Digital & Analogue Inputs & Outputs (I/O’s) for Simple Systems Integration
  • Progressive Speed Control
  • Custom Pre-Recorded Spray Patterns
  • Automatic Functions Capabilities
  • Extreme Accuracy (great than 1/50th of a degree)
  • Dependable Reliability in the Harshest Mining Environments
  • Dirty / Sea Water Compatible
  • Custom Fit Systems
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Rugged & Reliable in the Harshest Environments

Quality, reliability and robust performance are in our designs, manufacturing and testing methods to ensure consistent high performance in extreme environments. Unifire's Force monitors are proven in mining operations with round-the-clock duty, as well as dust control and harsh wash-down facilities.

Automatic Mining Belt Wash Down Solutions

Unifire has worked with Australia's Track Straight to develop a unique automatic wash-down system for mining belts, with full remote control and adjustable settings. The system offers superior performance at a fraction of the cost of human labor.

Dust Control

Stepless spray pattern control for perfect wetting performance. Count on Unifire's Force stainless steel 316L remote controlled monitors and water cannons to perform day-in and day-out in even the most severe conditions.

Mining Truck & Heavy Vehicle Wash Nozzles

We supply advanced, fully programmable nozzles for the washing of mining trucks and other heavy vehicles. Our system lets you program and record wash patterns for any number of vehicles. Simply select the vehicle and press “play”, and let our nozzles do the work for you.

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