Unifire Announces its ONE App for iOS & Android – The Industry’s First App for Robotic Nozzle & Remote Control Monitors

UNIFIRE AB (Unifire.com) proudly announces the World’s First & Only App for iOS and Android devices for the wireless remote control of its robotic nozzles (aka remote controlled monitors).

With the ONE App, turn any phone or tablet into a full-featured, wireless remote control for Unifire’s monitor and robotic nozzle systems with InterAct technology. Use as many devices as you like. No more need for joysticks!

Unifire is proud to lead the industry in the further advancement of robotic nozzle technologies with the introduction of its new ONE App!

The App is now available for free on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and on Google Play for Android. The App works with all Unifire robotic nozzle systems with Unifire’s InterAct core technology and license.

For more information, visit Unifire.com or contact us by email at Sales@Unifire.com.

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