Unifire Launches ‘Unifire Academy’

Unifire Launches ‘Unifire Academy’

Swedish robotic nozzle manufacturer, Unifire AB, has launched “Unifire Academy”, an all-new technical training web site at UnifireAcademy.com and a companion YouTube Channel.

Unifire Academy is a resource for technicians who install, service, repair and operate Unifire’s new generation of remote control monitors (or water cannons), called “robotic nozzles”. (Click here to learn about what robotic nozzles are.)

The technical site features simple, step-by-step training videos and technical documentation on very specific topics. The topics are broken down and organized, making it easy to find what the technician is looking for when he or she needs it. The videos can be watched on the site, on YouTube, or downloaded. A number of new videos and technical documents are currently being developed  by Unifire and will be added to the site as they become available.

As a companion to the Unifire Academy site, Unifire has also created a Unifire Academy YouTube Channel and Google+ account. The training tutorial videos on YouTube are embedded into the UnifireAcademy.com web site.


Having a web site devoted specifically to the technical aspects of Unifire’s products enables technicians, in quick need of answers, to avoid having to sift through Unifire’s main industry-focused web sites.  Moreover, Unifire’s customers and prospects who visit the industry sites they seek (such as Unifire.com, RoboticNozzles.com, RiotCannons.com, PirateSafe.com, and other industry-specific sites managed by Unifire), don’t get bogged down with technical details they don’t need. Keeping the two separate gives the audience what they expect to find, and the sites run more efficiently. Separating the technical site from the industry sites also makes it easier for people to find the type of content they are seeking when doing searches online.

For more information, visit UnifireAcademy.com or contact Unifire.

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