Unifire DMX Water Cannons

DMX Robotic Nozzles for Fountains

Did you know that Unifire offers DMX controlled Robotic Nozzles for fountains?

The following video shows a Unifire Force™ Robotic Nozzle being controlled by DMX in Unifire’s laboratory in Sweden.

Unifire’s Force Robotic Nozzles with DMX can be easily incorporated into full fountain and stage productions for ultra-cool water effects and synchronization with lights, lasers, music & other stage effects and peripheral devices.

Vivid Sydney 2017 – Water Fountain with Unifire Force 50 and Force 80 DMX Robotic Nozzles

Unifire AB of Sweden (Unifire.com) makes high-tech robotic nozzles for fountains and many other applications. Unifire’s Force Robotic Nozzles (also known as “water cannons” or “monitors”) are made of marine-grade, acid-proof Stainless Steel Type 316L. They can run sea water and withstand extremely harsh environments.

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