Unifire Robotic Nozzles Protect Olav Concert Hall in Trondheim, Norway

The following article was originally published on October 4, 2021, in Norwegian on BrennAktuelt.No (click here). The following is a Google Translate version in English.

Robot extinguishing systems will eliminate the fire hazard in Olavshallen

Such robot extinguishers will guard the stage in Olavshallen in Trondheim in the future. Photo: FireSafe.no

As the responsible fire designer in the renovation of Olav Conert Hall (“Olavshallen”) in Trondheim, Firesafe has described the installation of a completely new security measure in the form of robot fire extinguishers. These can be easily controlled and regulated with joysticks, and are a completely new method for ensuring fire safety in premises where hundreds of thousands of spectators are present every year.

Monica Røhr-Staff, Chief Editor

Olav Conert Hall, or “Olavshallen”, in Trondheim is a fully municipal concert hall that has around 180,000 visitors a year. The concert hall has for many years needed a renovation, and in March 2021 the work began, which has also had a strong focus on safety aspects in relation to fire.

– In Olavshallen, there was previously a smoke curtain between the audience and the stage, says Trond Ulgenes who is Regional Manager Consulting at Firesafe.

Trond Ulgenes, Firesafe.no
Trond Ulgenes is Regional Manager Consulting at Firesafe.no.

– This was a safety measure that was outdated and difficult to reconcile with the operation and the various productions there, he explains.

– We discussed both upgrading of smoke ventilation, establishment of sprinkler systems and use of water mist during the project, says Ulgenes. – Choice of products, fire performance on cladding and sprinkler systems in parts of the hall, has also been part of the overall assessment.

It turned out that a stationary fire extinguishing system was not compatible with the operation and needs as a large stage that Olavshallen requires.

– It was not possible to secure the necessary sprinklers or water mist coverage, and at the same time ensure the flexibility in Olavshallen’s large hall.

After many rounds with the owner and user of Olavshallen, good coverage of water cannons was considered the best solution. This solution takes care of any fire on the stage in a good way, at the same time as various productions, stage setups and the use of stage carpets are not affected by the fire extinguishing system. Six cannons have been installed to take care of all the different scenarios that are known, and to ensure that the flexibility in Olavshallen is taken care of.

Why robot extinguishers?

Henrik Dyvik Løksli is a designer of robot extinguishers and automatic extinguishing systems at Firesafe / Vekos. He explains that some parts of this technology have been on the market for several years.

Unifire Force 50 Robotic Nozzle

– But this robot fire extinguishing system from Firesafe can be connected to all types of detection, in contrast to other alternatives, says Løksli.

– This system can be used in industry, in waste facilities, in atriums, in stadiums and hangars, in tunnels and on facades of buildings worthy of protection. – Briefly summarized in all places you would like to have a firefighter 24/7, says Løksli.

– The system also enables control, monitoring and support via web Interface, he adds.

Henrik Dyvik Løksli is a designer of robot extinguishers and automatic extinguishing systems at Firesafe / Vekos.

– Our solutions offer more flexibility for the customer in terms of application, automatic or manual functions.

The system can be linked to new or existing detection and is structured so that all types of detection can be used. A unique interface with web-based solutions enables many different controls such as an app on tablet, phone or PC etc. – This makes it easier and cheaper to assist the customer should a problem arise, as we can assist digitally via the web, Løksli explains.

– Why is this a better alternative than e.g. sprinklers?

– What I can mention is that personnel and stage masters can easily align one or more cannons to adapt the line-ups on stage. Then they can control it manually or activate pre-programmed movement patterns, which are easily adapted to the current stage set-up. Which means that you can have one or more extinguishing patterns ready, for one or more parts of a scene that can be exposed to fire, such as by the use of pyro effects, says Løksli.

– Each robotic nozzle is equipped with a laser that gives a good indication of where the water will hit and enables good and regular dry training, says the projecting robot extinguisher.

– Have you encountered any challenges with the project in Olavshallen?

– Time was one of the main challenges and there was a lot to be done in a short time. But we had the systems in stock and a good collaboration with both the plumber, electrician and IT manager in Olavshallen.

In addition to Løksli and Ulgenes, Jon Erik Svegård who is a technical consultant inFiresafe / Tech Control service, and service technician in one place; Morten Fellmann, has been central in the project.

Watch video of the installation here:

Video of the system’s possibilities:

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