Advanced Swedish Nozzle Technologies

Unifire's exclusive, professional hand held nozzles and our stainless steel robotic nozzles (a.k.a. "monitors", "turrets" or "remote control water cannons") represent the pinnacle of Swedish engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Unparalleled quality and performance, Unifire has been globally renowned since 1969.

Unifire's exclusive line of professional hand held nozzles and branch pipes, including our world-famous V-Nozzle series, provide unmatched quality and performance. Used by industry and professional fire fighters around the globe.

Unifire's robotic nozzles, monitors & remote control water cannon solutions are unique. Standard flexibility to integrate into larger systems and to control peripheral devices from any type of controller you can imagine. We custom build systems tailored to fit your needs, all built on our wide array of unique, plug-and-play components.

Headquartered near Gothenburg, Sweden, Unifire sells its products globally. Our team of highly qualified technicians provide direct support to you, world-wide. Discover the refreshing power of Unifire's Swedish quality and service!

Elegant, High Performance Nozzles & Robotics

Our nozzles are one of a kind! Swedish design, engineering, & manufacturing, Unifire brings you quality and innovation like nobody else.

Check a few of the many features our Robotic Nozzles systems offer:
  • Industrial Robotic Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
  • Laser-welded IP68 Motor Enclosures
  • M12 Fully Sealed IP67 Multi-connectors
  • Position Feedback with Accuracy Better Than 1/100°
  • Up to 38°/Second Rotation Speed
  • Over 360° Horizontal Movement (set by software)
  • Over 180° Vertical Movement (set by software)
  • Fully Integrated Worm Gears
  • M12 Connectors & Standard Cables
  • CANBUS Protocol (and a bunch of others)
  • Polished Stainless Steel 316L Chassis Construction
  • As Close to Maintenance-Free as You Can Get
  • 10,000 Hour Expected Motor Life
  • 5 Year Chassis Warranty
  • 360º x 180º Movement
  • Outrageous Controller Options (including Wi-Fi!)
  • Plethora of Digital & Analogue Inputs & Outputs
  • Built-in User Interface - Personalize & Update
  • USB Software and Firmware Upgrades--Just Plug It In!
  • and so many more...

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Out with the Old, In with the New! Check the difference between our next generation Robotic Nozzles and old school remote control monitors and water cannons.


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