Swedes Announce Successful Test of Revolutionary Fire Extinguishing System

KUNGALV, SWEDEN, Dec. 11, 2015

Swedes Announce Successful Test of Revolutionary Fire Extinguishing System

Unifire AB, a Swedish manufacturer of advanced robotic nozzles, has announced recent, successful live, full-scale fire tests of its FlameRanger™, a new and revolutionary high flow, fully-automatic fire detection and extinguishing system.

Unifire reports that the tests of the FlameRanger system proved the system’s ability to detect, locate in three-dimensional space, and rapidly extinguish multiple fires, with pinpoint accuracy and without any human intervention.

Unlike other firefighting systems, the FlameRanger combines state-of-the-art robotic firefighting nozzles with advanced electronics, software, and flame detectors. Robotic nozzles are a new generation of what have traditionally been known in the firefighting industry as “remote controlled monitors” or “water cannons”.

Because fire grows exponentially, rapid intervention and extinguishing are absolutely crucial to preventing catastrophic loss of property and even life. Unlike traditional firefighting sprinkler systems—which, by comparison, react slowly and provide only a wide area of small water droplets, often insufficient to extinguish the fire at its source—the FlameRanger system reacts within seconds and directs a large volume of water or foam agent directly onto the fire itself and shuts off when the fire is extinguished. This, according to Unifire, dramatically increases the effectiveness and also cuts down on water damage to the surrounding environment.

Unifire believes that this technology will revolutionize the design of firefighting systems for large, open, indoor and outdoor spaces. According to a Unifire spokesman, Roger Barrett James, “The FlameRanger is truly revolutionary technology. It is analogous to having a full-time firefighter on duty, ready to extinguish a fire at its source right when it breaks out. This has resounding implications for the firefighting industry as a whole. To our knowledge, the FlameRanger is the first system in the world with all of these capabilities.”

The FlameRanger system has been designed to protect facilities such as aircraft hangars, storage areas on aircraft carriers, naval vessels and ships, tunnels, atriums, sports arenas, stadiums, convention centers, concert halls, arrival halls at train stations and airports, storage facilities, and warehouses. All components of the FlameRanger have been designed to withstand harsh environments, the primary components of which are made of stainless steel 316L.

About Unifire AB

Established in 1969, Unifire AB is a Swedish manufacturer of professional nozzles for fire fighting and other industry and professional uses. In 2002, Unifire first introduced its remote controlled nozzles (also known as “monitors” or “water cannons”). In 2014, Unifire introduced a new generation of remote controlled nozzles, called “robotic nozzles”, which feature industrial robot-type brushless (BLDC) motors and a highly advanced PLC controller, enabling a new level of automated features as well as device-based control systems, such as by tablet, desktop computer, smartphones, etc.


Roger Barrett James, Marketing Director
+46 303 248 403
Email: roger @ unifire.com

SOURCE: Unifire AB

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