Unifire Exhibits State of the Art Robotic Nozzles at Intersec 2016

January 19, 2016, Dubai, UAE

Unifire AB unveiled its latest, state-of-the-art robotic nozzle technologies in January at Intersec 2016–the world’s largest the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection.

From a dazzling display of 6 robots performing a choreographed, synchronized dance to music, to its UniWeb systems controlled wirelessly from cell phones, tablets, and laptops, and–perhaps most impressively–the FlameRanger, which fully automatically detects and dynamically extinguishes fires in seconds without any human intervention, Unifire’s spectacular displays heralded the company as a clear leader in advanced nozzle technologies.

Unifire’s display included:

Dancing Robots


6 Dancing Robots – Synchronized & Choreographed to Music. Click Here to Watch!






UniWeb Human User Interface (HUI) for wirelessly controlling Unifire Robotic Nozzles & Networked Systems over any network-enabled device—Tablet, Smart Phone, Laptop computer, Desktop computer, etc. Click Here to read more!





FlameRanger – a highly advanced network of Robotic Nozzles, Valves, FV300 IR array flame detectors and other peripherals, which automatically and dynamically detects and extinguishes fires with high accuracy (see: AutomaticFirefighting.com)



F50R-LT Remote Control Water Cannon



POINTER—a unique, synchron, point-and-shoot-type controller that aims robotic nozzles in the same orientation as the controller itself. Ideal for riot control applications. Click here to watch!



Industries that Benefit from Unifire’s Robotic Nozzles:

Unifire’s Robotic Nozzles are designed to serve a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Fire Fighting Applications, including:
    • Fully Automatic Systems
    • Municipal Firefighting
    • Industrial Firefighting
    • Building Protection (including automatic fire protection)
    • Power Plants & Waste Bunkers
    • Oil & Gas facilities
    • Tunnels
    • Aircraft Hangars
    • Marine Applications–Naval Ships, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV’s), Yachts …
    • Tunnels
    • Atriums, Stadiums, etc.
    • … and many more
  • Security Applications, including:
    • Police Riot Control Vehicles
    • Anti-Pirate / Anti-Hijacking Protection at Sea
    • Facilities Protection
  • Mining Applications, including:
    • Wash-down
    • Dust Control
    • Water blasting
  • Miscellaneous: fountains, zoos, etc.

Unifire reports that it received at Intersec 2016 an unprecedented level of interest in its new generation technologies and anticipates numerous new opportunities for its products where traditional “remote control monitors” cannot offer the numerous advantages that robotic nozzle systems can.

About Unifire AB:

Established in 1969, Unifire AB is a Swedish manufacturer of professional nozzles for fire fighting and other industry and professional uses. In 2002, Unifire first introduced its remote controlled nozzles (also known as “monitors” or “water cannons”). In 2014, Unifire introduced an entirely new generation of remote controlled nozzles, called “robotic nozzles”, which feature industrial robot-type brushless (BLDC) motors and a highly advanced PLC controller, enabling a new level of automated features as well as device-based control systems, such as by tablet, desktop computer, smartphones, and even over the Internet.


Roger Barrett James, Marketing Director
+46 303 248 403
Email: roger@unifire.com

SOURCE: Unifire AB

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