Unifire Now on Pinterest! Robotic Nozzles


Unifire AB announces that it has launched its space on Pinterest!

Unifire’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Roger James, states, “Pinterest is a great way of sharing the beauty of Unifire’s advanced robotic nozzles through elegant images. While we have a lot of work ahead of us to create a large variety of images for our space, we are excited to have finally established ourselves on Pinterest and we look forward to sharing with the world.”

Robotic Nozzles are, according to James, a new generation of what have until recently been known as remote controlled monitors or water cannons. Among other things, robotic nozzles, unlike their predecessors, are controlled by brushless BLDC motors. BLDC motors are used in industrial robots because they provide extreme accuracy, higher torque, and much longer life than traditional brushed DC motors, like those still used in the older generation of so-called remote control monitors and water cannons.

Morever, according to James, “Unifire’s robotic nozzles also feature advanced electronics to control them. The new TARGA systems by Unifire feature six BLDC motor driver slots, multiple computer processors, advanced software and numerous digital and analogue inputs and outputs.” These features, James says, allow Unifire to offer a wide range of functions that cannot be achieved by the traditional remote control monitors or water cannons.

To visit Unifire’s Pinterst page, visit: https://www.pinterest.com/UnifireAB/

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