Introducing the New X-TARGA PLC for Unifire Robotic Nozzles

Unifire AB announces the release of its all new X-TARGA PLC robotic nozzle controller for harsh environments.


The Unifire X-TARGA PLC controller is a heavy duty , highly advanced electronic PLC for controlling Unifire’s unique robotic nozzles and up to 6 BLDC motors, as well as valves, lights, peripherals, automatic systems, integrating with other systems, and much more. It is an integral part of Unifire’s robotic nozzle systems, which feature industrial-robot type brushless BLDC motors. The TARGA controls the robots and acts as the central computer for advanced system capabilities. The X-TARGA version is a TARGA PLC placed inside an IP67 stainless steel box. It also comes with a built-in power converter from 110-230 VAC to 24VDC.  Learn more at

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